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View the largest gallery of high-end and Monster rainbow toned Morgan dollars, an informational guide on how to tell natural vs. artificial toning, learn to price toned Morgans, view auction results of rainbow Morgans, and view what characteristics to look for in high-end toned rainbow Morgan dollars.

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NGC - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is based out of Sarasota Florida and is one of the top 2 grading companies for US Coins, Patterns, and Medals. It is one of the two preferred grading companies by

PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service is based out of Newport Beach, CA and is one of the top 2 grading companies for US Coins, Patterns, and Medals. It is one of the two preferred grading companies by

US Mint - The US Mint is where you can get information regarding modern US coins and can order directly from the US Mint.

Collectors Universe Coin Forum - This is the pulse of the Numismatic market. Join and interact with tens of thousands of other collectors and dealers.

American Numismatic Association - The ANA was started in 1891 and is focused on providing collectors with information and advancing the numismatic knowledge of the collecting community.

TCCS (Toned Coin Collectors Soc.) - This Society is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in the area of toned coins. Join and interact with the friendly members of this lively society of advanced collectors.


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1922 50c PCGS MS65 Beautifully Toned Grant Commem
Beautifully Toned 1922 50c PCGS MS65 Grant Commemorative Half Dollar. This example is bursting with appeal. Gorgeous rainbow halo tones are found glistening at obverse and reverse rims. Vivid and sharp the overall look is highly pleasing....
Added: 12/1/2008 Views: 599 Price: Not Available

1922 50c PCGS MS65 MONSTER Toned Grant Commem
Monster toned 1922 PCGS MS65 Grant Commemorative Silver Half Dollar exhibits amazing eye appeal. Highly lustrous and sharply struck devices swim in well preserved, problem free fields. Luscious rainbow hues fill the obverse more prominent at rims. The rev...
Added: 10/6/2008 Views: 620 Price: Not Available

1922 No D 1c PCGS XF45 Smooth Lincoln Cent
Added: 11/6/2008 Views: 572 Price: Not Available

1923 $1 PCGS MS64 Dreamy Rainbow Toned Peace Dollar
ce dollars are long-known to be deficient in the Rainbow category. This particular beauty has a look that is rarely found on Peace dollars. The frosty surfaces are glowing with fantastic rainbow hues with a predominant peach-lavender central obverse surro...
Added: 12/7/2009 Views: 1385 Price: Not Available

1923 $1 US Morgan Dollar Choice BU
This Peace dollar is essentially white with great luster and surface preservation consistent with a Choice BU....
Added: 3/16/2009 Views: 594 Price: Not Available

1923 $1 US Peace Dollar Love Token – Maxine w/ Hearts
This is the quintessential love token. This beautiful Peace Silver dollar features the name “Maxine” accompanied with hearts, cupids arrows and whimsical ornamental engravings. ...
Added: 4/3/2009 Views: 559 Price: Not Available

1923 $1 US Peace Dollar Near Gem BU
This example exhibits VERY clean and frosty surfaces with a nice original patina. There are very few contact marks and the ones that are there, are not visually distracting. I feel more than comfortable calling this one an MS64. ...
Added: 3/16/2009 Views: 648 Price: Not Available

1923 25c NGC MS67 Lustrous Clean Standing Liberty Quarter
Gorgeous 1923 25c NGC MS67 Lustrous Clean Standing Liberty Quarter is choice in every way! Blast white and keenly struck devices are blazing in frosted cartwheel luster. Incredibly appealing to the eye. This prized example would make a great addition to a...
Added: 11/6/2008 Views: 641 Price: Not Available

1923 5c PCGS MS65 Frosty Lustrous Gem Buffalo Nickel
Added: 1/24/2009 Views: 507 Price: Not Available

1923 5c PCGS MS66 Icy Blue, Pink, and Lime Buffalo Nickel
Icy blasts of pale blue wash across the intensely lustrous obverse bordered by pink and lime green. The strike is exceptional and the eye appeal is off the charts. If you enjoy nicely toned buffalo nickels with blazing luster, and gem+ surfaces, this coin...
Added: 5/27/2010 Views: 1186 Price: Not Available

1924 $1 NGC MS63 Album Toned Peace Dollar
Beautiful rainbow shades encircle the obverse of this intensely lustrous and PQ Peace dollar. Everyone knows how hard it is to find toned Peace dollars so I was delighted to pick up this beauty at the recent FUN show. It will not hang around here long so ...
Added: 1/11/2012 Views: 777 Price: Not Available

1924 $1 PCGS MS63 Beautiful Rainbow Toned Peace Dollar
It''s not often you find toned Peace dollars. However, when you do, they are usually quite unappealing with varying shades of brown and gold that are mottled in appearance. This coin is a refreshing breeze in the desert of few and ugly toned Peace dollars...
Added: 10/28/2009 Views: 965 Price: Not Available

1924 $1 US Peace Dollar with Original Skin - Near Gem BU
Well-struck, frosty surfaces enveloped in a beautiful original patina is virtually free of contact marks save for a few in non-visual areas dictating my estimation of the grade at MS64. If this coin were in an MS65 holder, I don’t think anybody would argu...
Added: 3/16/2009 Views: 661 Price: Not Available

1924 25c PCGS MS65FH Standing Liberty Quarter - CAC
Added: 8/3/2010 Views: 538 Price: Not Available

1924 5c NGC MS64 Pretty Toned Buffalo Nickel
This is a very pleasing buffalo nickel in that it features lime and gold toning accented by peach and teal throughout the obverse and reverse. The strike is typical for the date and the surface is delightfully free of distractions. ...
Added: 3/16/2010 Views: 754 Price: Not Available

1924 5c PCGS MS65 Buffalo Nickel
1924 5c PCGS MS65 Buffalo Nickel is well struck and highly lustrous. Lovely satin luster highlights well struck design elements which are swimming in well preserved fields. Quite a pleasing example....
Added: 12/1/2008 Views: 543 Price: Not Available

1924 WTF – Love Token Engraved – Flopsy Gerth
What an interesting name engraved on the moneyside if this fabulous love token. “Flopsy Gerth” is elegantly inscribed and accompanied with an ornamental engraving. The coin is holed for use on a chain or bracelet. ...
Added: 4/3/2009 Views: 508 Price: Not Available

1924-D 25c NGC MS66* Lustrous Standing Liberty Quarter
This fantastic Standing Liberty Quarter exhibits blazing luster throughout and exceptionally preserved surfaces along with an incredible strike. NGC designated this fabulous coin with the coveted * (Star) for exceptional eye appeal. You won''t be disappoi...
Added: 7/17/2009 Views: 544 Price: Not Available

1924-S 25c PCGS MS64 Lustrous Rainbow Standing Liberty Quarter
This exceptionally bright and beautifully toned Standing Liberty Quarter is outstandingly clean for an MS64. The luster is blazing with an illuminated glow on both the obverse and reverse. The obverse features shades of pastel lime, peach, yellow, and sky...
Added: 1/14/2012 Views: 739 Price: Not Available

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