Small Size Misalignments, Cutting, and Foldover Errors

Error notes are notes that are misprinted at the BEP. When ,these sheets ,are detected ,they are pulled and destroyed ,and then they are replaced by perprinted star notes. However, some of these error notes escape detection and are released into ,general circulation. There are various types of error notes, some more dramatic than others. , Collectors are facinated by these types of notes and a whole new collecting market ,was born. Some of the types are: Blank backs, missing first , second or third print, foldovers, miscuts or mis-aligned notes, gutter-folds, inverts, double denominations and a few others. The more the dramatic the error, the more valuable they are. There are several books on these types of notes by authors Fred Bart and Steve Sulliavn. You can buy these books at your local book store or on-line.

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20 Notes Found

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1993 $10 Atlanta FRN Major Error Ser. F75640693B Raw
Sold the moment I put it up! One of my nicest errors went to an advanced error collector who is a good client of mine.It has TWO different serial numbers on it! Check out the scans and think how this miscut happened....
Added: 3/11/2014 Views: 4140 Price: SOLD


Fr.-1655 1953 $5 Silver Certificate (5 Gutter Fold Errors) Ser. # A66001277A Raw
Count them, there are five gutter folds on this 1953 $5 Silver Certificate error note. That is extremely unusual on any gutter fold error note that I have ever seen. If I could take the note out of the holder to show you the large gutter fold on the back ...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4007 Price: SOLD

Fr.-1910 1977 $1 Fold over Star Error Ser. G10245416 PCGS-40
For more information on this %1 Major fold Over Star Error note please contact Jhon E Cash at 214-769-9936 or or

Kimberly at 214-364-4917 or

Added: 4/7/2018 Views: 3978 Price: $1,650.00

Fr.-1913 1985 $1 Boston FRN (Double Error Invert) Ser. A11415821E F/VF
Although this 1985 $1 Boston FRN note is somewhat circulated, It is a VERY RARE DOUBLE ERROR, which most advanced Error Collections do not have. Not only is it an rare INVERT, it is also a Major Misaligned error.

It makes me wonder how did someone ...

Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 4002 Price: $650.00

Fr.-1928 2003 $1 Richmond FRN Fold Over Error Ser. E29785896H PMG AU-58 EPQ
This is part of the six note error collection I purchased at the Chicago CPMX show this past March. It is a 2003 $1 Richmond FRN with a big FoldOver Error. The Ser. no. is E29785896H and it resides in a PMG AU-58EPQ holder. I liked the 40% fold that is mo...
Added: 3/11/2014 Views: 4016 Price: $425.00


Fr.-1969B 1969 $1 San Fran Major Fold Over Error Ser. L65939696B PMG 62
I just purchased a lot of major errors with super eye appeal and this is one of them. this is a 1969B $1 FRN from San Fran. As you can see this is one hell of a foldover. You can see that it got folded after the first print the second print the third prin...
Added: 9/14/2011 Views: 4136 Price: $515.00


Fr.-1969D 1969 $1 Chicago Fold Over Error Ser. G84890162A PMG 64 EPQ
This is from the Major Error collection I bought recently. It is a very dramitic error with a ton of eye appeal. It would be even more dramatic if I could sho a photo of the note unfolded at the top right of the note (the white top selvage)would stick way...
Added: 9/14/2011 Views: 4183 Price: $825.00


Fr.-1969D 1969 $1 Minn. ($3 bill error). I37093520 PMG 58EPQ
Want to hear something funny? When I ask why this note only got a 58PPQ grade, get this, they told me it had a fold in it! Ya think so, after all it is a fold over and cutting error. However upon close inspection there does seem to be a small crease, not ...
Added: 9/14/2011 Views: 4136 Price: $795.00


Fr.-1971 1969 $5 San Fran. (Major Ink Smear Error) Ser. L52049313B PCGS 58 PPQ
Now this is one error that I have never seen before. I have collected errors for many years and have bought and sold thousands of them. But this example is a first for me. First off it is one hell of a dramatic error when you first see it. The dark black ...
Added: 9/14/2011 Views: 4181 Price: SOLD

Fr.-1972 1969C $5 FRN (the $15 bill error) Ser. G16603497C PMG-66 EPQ
This is one of those errors that when you first see it you take a double look and say WOW! This is the famous $15 bill error. As you can see this is a Major dramatic foldovers error that collectors crave for. You can see the bottom half of the second note...
Added: 8/26/2011 Views: 3978 Price: $875.00

Fr.-1977 1977 $5 San Francisco FRN Butterfly Foldover Error Ser. L80639193A PMG AU-55
This is a very nice and big Butterfly and Fold Over Error. It is nice to own a error that has two errors on it. What make it so nice it is on a $5 FRN instead of the common $1 FRN. It is also a PPQ note which means it has not been doctored in any way. Thi...
Added: 3/11/2014 Views: 3973 Price: $850.00


Fr.-1984B 1995 $5 New York, FRN (Front - Back Misaligned Error) Ser. # B32523514B Raw
A cool dramatic 1995 $5 misaligned error with top selvage from the other bill shows on the front and back. Most of these show very little of the top. This note appears to be UNC. The serial number is B32523514B....
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4142 Price: SOLD


Fr.-2027 1985 $10 Mis Cut Error Ser. B71734848F PMG-53EPQ
This is one Bad Ass error

For more information on this note please contact Jhon E Cash at 214-769-9936 or or

Kimberly at 214-364-4917 or

Added: 4/7/2018 Views: 4123 Price: $2,350.00

Fr.-2034 1999 $10 STAR fold over Error Note Fold Ser. FBF11294423 VF plus
For more information on this rare $10 STAR multiple fold over error note please contact Jhon E Cash at 214-769-9936 or or

Kimberly at 214-364-4917 or

Added: 4/7/2018 Views: 3975 Price: $1,450.00

Fr.-2071 1974 $20 New York FRN (Major Cutting Error) Ser. B30784298F PCGS-63
This is one of my favorite MAJOR Cutting Errors. What makes this 1974 $20 New York FRN so different from most all Major Cutting Errors is it actually has TWO Completely different serial numbers on it from two different notes. 98% of these types of cutting...
Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 3976 Price: $2,850.00

Fr.-2072 1977 $20 San Fran. ($60 bill Error) Ser. L06371309A PCGS 64 PPQ
This is another one of that error note that when you first see you take a double look and say WOW! Now that is one major dramatic error with eye appeal. Even non error collectors stare at this note. I have been chasing this particular note for many years....
Added: 9/14/2011 Views: 3973 Price: $1,475.00

Fr.-2076 1988 $20 San Francisco FRN End of Roll Misaligned Face Error Ser. L80847595F PCGS EF-45
This is a very interesting and not very expensive error note. It is the popular 1988 $20 San Francisco FRN End of Roll Misaligned Face Error. The serial no is L80847595F and it resides in a PCGS EF-45 holder. This is part of the six note error collection ...
Added: 3/11/2014 Views: 3975 Price: $225.00

Fr.-2085 1999 $20 FRN (Crushed Before 3rd Printing Error) Ser. # BB47817457F PCGS-64
It got crushed! This is one of the most dramatic errors I own. It is a 1999 $20 FRN with the crushed serial number of BB47817457F. What make this so special is the note was crushed before the third printing and the serial numbers printed over the top of t...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3983 Price: $1,690.00

Fr.-2175B 1996 $100 FRN (Multiple Errors Cutting & 3rd on Back) Ser. # AB74828920D CGA-55
Are you into Big Heads? If you are I have just the error for you. This is a 1996 $100 FRN Big Head "Mis Cutting Error and Inverted 3rd Print on the Back Error". Two major dramatic errors on a $100 of any type is out of this world. This is a super dramatic...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3986 Price: $3,250.00

20 Notes Found

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