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The Bureau of Engraving and Printing's (BEP) takes you to the official government site of the BEP for some interesting information and facts on all of our US currency.

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PMG and PCGS are the only two TRUE independent currency-grading services available. I highly recommend these two companies for those of you who want to get their currency certified and graded for insurance purposes or simply, a peace of mind.

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84 Notes Found

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Fr.-1173 1922 $10 Gold Certificate Ser. K10811916 PMG 65-EPQ
29% Off
This is a stunning GEM example of the ever popular 1922 $10 Gold Certificate that features the head of Michael Hillegas, the first Treasury of the United States from 1775 to 1789. The front also displ...
Added: 11/7/2014 Views: 4013 Price: $3,750.00

Fr.-1173 1922 $10 Gold Certificate Ser. K60485103 PCGS-64PPQ
11% Off
This is a very nice example of the 1922 $10 Gold certificate What make this particular one so impressive is the vibrant and deep colors on the back. Check the scans. This is what you look for when you...
Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 4008 Price: $1,875.00

Fr.-1178 1882 $20 Gold Certificate Ser. C13298417 PMG-VF35
22% Off
This is a very nice 1882 $20 Gold Certificate, All of the 1882 $20 and especially the $50 dollar gold certificates are very difficult to find without any repairs. I have been looking for one with a EP...
Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 3995 Price: $4,150.00


Fr.-121 1901 $10 Legal Tender Bison Ser. E27371863 PCGS AU-58 PPQ
22% Off
I just picked up this nice 1901 $10 Bison Legal Tender on the last day of the CPMX show in Chicago along with another one in a PCGS-64PPQ. I really liked the lipstick red colors of the small scalloped...
Added: 3/11/2014 Views: 4184 Price: $5,150.00

Fr.-1215 1922 $100 Gold Certificate Ser. N2258401 PMG-45 EPQ
4% Off
This is one of the nicer 1922 $100 Benton Gold Certificates that I have owned in some time. The front features the head of Thomas Hart Benton, who served in both the US Senate from 1821 to 1851 and th...
Added: 11/7/2014 Views: 3995 Price: $4,950.00


Fr.-1215 1922 100 Gold Certificate Ser. N58206 PMG -35EPQ
4% Off
This is one of the nicest mid-grade no problem 1922 $100 Gold Certificates I have ever owned. The serial number is N58206 and it is in a Very Fine PMG-35EPQ holder. What make this note so special is t...
Added: 1/15/2011 Views: 4203 Price: $2,875.00


Fr.-1215* 1922 $100 Gold Certificate (STAR) *28773B F+/VF
100% Off
This is a very rare 1922 $100 Gold Certificate STAR,/b>. Most large size star collectors have never seen one of these rare 1922 $100 gold certificate STARS, because they are very rare and seldom co...
Added: 8/15/2014 Views: 4207 Price: $5,000.00

Fr.-1225h 1900 $10,000 Gold Certificate Ser. M59737 PCGS-65
7% Off
This is one of those very special notes that come along every so often. This is a Fr.-1225h or a 1900 $10,000 Gold Certificate with serial number M59737 and resides in a PCGS-65 holder. I have owned m...
Added: 3/18/2018 Views: 4015 Price: $9,250.00

Fr.-16c (Mis labeled by PMG)1862 $1 Legal Tender Ser. 40606 in a PMG-63 EPQ
20% Off
This 1862 $1 Legal Tender note is NOT a Fr.-16 as PMG says but a scarcer Fr.-16c version. The series # 259 is to the right of the date and there is NO ABC monogram at the middle right. I wil...
Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 4005 Price: $3,250.00

Fr.-1800-1 1929 $5 NBN McKeesport, PA Ser. # C000001A PMG-58EPQ
10% Off
This is a 1929 $5 NBN form the National Bank of Mc Keesport, Pennsylvania. ,, There is a tiny corner fold, but no pinholes, rips or tears. A nice mid grade serial number one note. The serial # is C000...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3992 Price: $1,950.00

Fr.-1860 1929 $10 Dallas FRBN Star (4 Kwn). K00006177 PMG F-15
33% Off
This 1929 $10 FRBN Star is from the rare Dallas district. It is one of the rarest FRBN stars Known. There are a total of 4 known. I know this because I keep the census for the currency market. I owned...
Added: 1/23/2014 Views: 4011 Price: $13,950.00

Fr.-1910 1977 $1 Dallas (Blank Back) Ser. # K78875756F PCGS-65EPQ
21% Off
The perfect Blank back Error note from the Dallas district. This 1977A $1 FRN has been graded as a PCGS-65PPQ and the serial number is K78875756F. This is actually called a missing first print as the ...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3995 Price: $1,450.00

Fr.-2027* 1985 $10 St Louis Star Ser. # H00000001* PMG VF-30EPQ
25% Off
PCGS & PMG POP1/Unique. This is another of the serial number one star notes from the famous Jhon E Cash Serial Number Stars Collection". This is a 1985 $10 FRN star from the St Louis District. The ser...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3994 Price: $28,500.00

Fr.-2050* 1928 $20 Atlanta FRN Ser. F00046287* PMG VF-20
20% Off
Here is a very nice and problem free 1928 $20 Atlanta star note. It is in a PMG VF-20 holder. The serial number is F00046287*....
Added: 7/19/2010 Views: 3987 Price: $750.00

Fr.-2054H* 1934 $20 St Louis Star Ser. (LGS) # H00052619* PCGS-58
17% Off
This is a 1934 $20 LGS FRN star from the St Louis district. This is the scarcer Light Green Seal Varity. The Oakes book list this at $1200 in CU condition. The serial number is H00052619* and has been...
Added: 3/22/2010 Views: 3998 Price: $875.00

Fr.-2056 1934-B $20 San Francisco Ser. L18964686B PMG EF-40 EPQ
8% Off
Here is a 1934B $20 FRN from the San Francisco district The serial number is L18964686b and it is in a PMG EF-40EPQ Holder. The plate numbers are F81/444....
Added: 9/1/2010 Views: 3989 Price: $200.00

Fr.-2107 1950 $50 Cleveland Ser. D05022471A PMG-63 EPQ
31% Off
Talk about a nice note, here is one. This is a totally original 1950 Cleveland $50 Mule FRN. The serial number is D05022417A. It is in a PMG-63EPQ holder. the plate numbers are C18/121....
Added: 9/1/2010 Views: 3979 Price: $325.00

Fr.-2107* 1950 $50 Philadelphia Star FRN Ser. C00005177* VF
22% Off
This is a very nice 1950 $50 FRN Star from the ever tough Philadelphia District. The serial number is C00005177*. This is the new low serial number in the new Oakes and Lindquest book. There are no ri...
Added: 11/21/2010 Views: 3989 Price: $450.00

Fr.-2152 1934 $100 Dallas Ser. K01622971A PMG AU-58 EPQ
21% Off
Here is a really nice 1934 $100 Dallas FRN. The serial number is K01622971A. I bought this as a GEM note and I still can't find why it is in a PMG-58EPQ holder. I do not see any folds or creases. But ...
Added: 9/1/2010 Views: 3990 Price: $475.00

84 Notes Found

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