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The Bureau of Engraving and Printing's (BEP) takes you to the official government site of the BEP for some interesting information and facts on all of our US currency.

US Papermoney will take you to a site that is full of information on everything you ever wanted to know about our US currency. Almost everything anyway. Very cool site!

The American Numismatics Association (ANA) is a professional organization for those who want to further learn about US coins and currency.

PMG and PCGS are the only two TRUE independent currency-grading services available. I highly recommend these two companies for those of you who want to get their currency certified and graded for insurance purposes or simply, a peace of mind.

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88 Notes Found

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Fr.-235 1899 $1 Silver Certificate Black Eagle Ser. H600A PCGS-65
19% Off
This is a very nice Fr.-235 1899 $1 Silver Certificate Black Eagle with a nice serial number of H600A. It is in a PCGS-65GEM holder. This is a nice note for you fancy serial number collectors....
Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 3893 Price: $2,450.00

Fr.-237* 1923 $1 Silver Certificate Ser. # *17718517D PMG EF-45
18% Off
This is a very nice problem free 1923 Fr-237* $1 Silver Certificate Star Note that has been graded as a PMG EF-45. The serial Number is *17718517D. This is a nice very lightly circulated example. A pe...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3834 Price: $550.00

Fr.-237* 1923 $1 Silver Certificate Star Ser. # *19923859D PMG-58EPQ
13% Off
A reasonably high grade 1923 $1 Silver Certificate is displayed here. The serial number is *19923859D and it is graded as a PMG-58EPQ. A perfect type note for the collector who also want a star at a r...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3855 Price: $750.00

Fr.-2400 1928 $10 Gold Certificate Ser. A57502228A PMG 65EPQ
28% Off
This is another GEM example of the 1928 $10 Gold Certificate in a PMG-65EPQ holder. The serial number is A57502228A.

As you can see by looking at this GEM example there is not much more to say....

Added: 9/22/2014 Views: 3857 Price: $2,095.00

Fr.-2400 1928 $10 Gold Certificate Ser. A76934489A PMG 65EPQ
33% Off
This IS a problem free GEM 1928 $10 Gold Certificate in a PMG-65EPQ holder. The serial number is A76934489A. These $10 Gold Certs are getting harder to find at a decent price. This one is priced to se...
Added: 4/8/2014 Views: 3833 Price: $2,250.00

Fr.-2400* 1928 $10 Gold Cert .(STAR) *00130331A PMG-50
10% Off
Some lucky collector is going to get a super great deal on this 1928 $10 gold certificate star. The reason I say this is that PMG did not give this beautiful $10 gold certificate star a EPQ because of...
Added: 9/22/2014 Views: 3869 Price: $1,950.00

Fr.-2400* 1928 $10 Gold Certificate Star Ser. *00993116A PCGS-53 PPQ
15% Off
This 1928 $10 Gold Certificate Star is one of the nicer stars I have owned and I have owned quite a few gold certificate stars. As a Matter of fact I have a complete set of 1928 gold certifica...
Added: 1/23/2014 Views: 3841 Price: $2,650.00

Fr.-2402 1928 $20 Gold Certificate Ser. A23921383A PMG 65 EPQ
9% Off
This is another GEM example of the 1928 $20 Gold Certificate in a PMG-65EPQ holder. The two golden serial numbers are A239213838A.

As you can see by looking at this GEM example there is not muc...

Added: 11/7/2014 Views: 3829 Price: $2,150.00

Fr.-2402* 1928 $20 Gold Cert. STAR Ser. 00413309A PCGS 40
15% Off
Fr.-2402* This is one tough gold certificate star to acquire in a nice VF and above condition. This is a 1928 $20 gold certificate star with serial number *00413309A and it is in a PCGS Extra Fine 40 ...
Added: 5/7/2013 Views: 3898 Price: $1,950.00


Fr.-2404 1928 $50 Gold Certificate Ser. A2397534A PCGS 65 PPQ
16% Off
This 1928 $50 Gold Certificate is one of the nicest ones I have owned for a long time. The serial number is A02397534A and it resides in a GEM PCGS-65EPQ holder.

Check out the large scans and yo...

Added: 11/7/2014 Views: 4073 Price: $6,950.00

Fr.-2404* 1928 $50 GCStar (3rd Finest Known)Ser. *00030769A PCGS EF-40
6% Off
POP3/2 finer by PMG and PCGS. This is one of those notes that you never see or hear about. These rare types of gold certificate star notes rarely make it to any major auction house or eBay because the...
Added: 3/25/2012 Views: 3842 Price: $15,500.00

Fr.-2405 1928 $100 Gold Certificate Ser. A01135944A PMG-45EPQ
4% Off
This is a very nice 1928 $100 Gold Certificate in a PMG-45EPQ holder. The serial number is A01135944A. Trying to find any denomination gold certificate with the EPQ or PPQ originality designation is g...
Added: 9/22/2014 Views: 3838 Price: $2,350.00

Fr.-2405* 1928 $100 Gold Cert STAR (2nd finest kwn) Ser. 00001833A PCGS VF35
27% Off
POP2/1 finer. I know most of you collectors have never seen one of these. It is a 1928 $100 Gold Certificate STAR note. There are less than 9 or 10 known and this is the SECOND FINEST known according ...
Added: 8/23/2012 Views: 3863 Price: $29,500.00

Fr.-247 1896 $2 Educational Note Silver Certificate Ser. 102719 PCGS-45 PPQ
16% Off
This is a very nice and original $1896 $2 Educational note. This Fr-247 example is the scarcer of the two 1896 $2 Educational notes. this is the Tillman-Morgan signature combination. The Fr-248 is t...
Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 3887 Price: $4,250.00

Fr.-248 1896 $2 Educational Note Silver Certificate Ser. 19114658 PCGS-AU53 PPQ
17% Off
This is a very nice and original $1896 $2 Educational note. The $2 is the rarest of all of the 3 note series. To find a nice AU 1896 $2 Educational with the PPQ notation is very difficult to locate u...
Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 3870 Price: $4,750.00


Fr.-251 1899 $2 Silver Cert. (Inverted face) Ser. # N23332972 PCGS-15
100% Off
This is a rare 1899 $2 Silver Certificate with a Inverted face printing. The reason they call it an inverted face is because the back is actually printed first. which would make the front or face inve...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4250 Price: $1,725.00

Fr.-252* 1899 $2 Silver Certificate Star (12 known) Ser. # *99029B PCGS VG-10PPQ
22% Off
This is a 1899 $2 Silver Certificate star. This star note came from the pedigreed Rickey Collection of large size star notes. According to the latest Murray book of Large Size Stars, there are only 12...
Added: 5/18/2010 Views: 3869 Price: $2,250.00

Fr.-255 1899 $2 Silver Cert. PMG-65EPQ Serial # M49548575
34% Off
This beautiful 1899 $2 Silver Certificate is commonly referred to as the "Agriculture Note". The front features a picture of George Washington between figures of Mechanics and Agriculture. The engrave...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3861 Price: $2,850.00

Fr.-257* 1899 $2 Silver Certificate Star (13 Known )Ser. # *1647313B PMG F-15
36% Off
Here is a rare Fr.-257*, 1899 $2 Silver Certificate star that is not often seen in auction or on websites. There are only 13 known stars of this type. If you can believe this it is one of the highest ...
Added: 5/18/2010 Views: 3833 Price: $2,750.00

88 Notes Found

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