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Small size $5,000 and $10,000 FRNs were first issued in 1928 and again in 1934. They were mainly used for bank to bank transactions, but they were also issued to the general public for circulation. Most people have never owned one or even seen one as they were cost prohibitive even at face value. The $5,000 and $10,000 bills were last printed in 1946. Up until July 1969 you could go to the local bank and purchase one for face value. In July of 1969 then President Nixon signed in to law a bill that ceased to issue them to the Federal Banks. The ones that were not destroyed are now in the hands of collectors. The largest hoard of $10,000 was the Binion Hoard of 100 $10,000 that was on display at the Binion Horseshoe and Casino in Las Vegas from 1954 to 1999. The Inverted Horseshoe was disassembled in 1999 and the 100 $10K NY notes were sold off in 2000. The second largest single hoard was discovered by Jhon E Cash in May of 2005. The "Dallas Hoard" , which was purchased by Jhon E Cash consisted of seven $5,000 bills and ten $10,000 all from the Dallas district. Jhon E Cash maintains the official census on all of the $5,000 and $10,000 notes known by serial number and grade. You will soon be able to view and purchase the census on-line from the Jhon E Cash website. There are 224 $5,000 and 231 $10,000 bills known in all series and districts as of October 2017

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17 Notes Found

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Fr.-2221 (2) 1934 $5,000 Consecutive ser # Pair Ser. G00001140-1141 PMG AU53 - PCGS 62PPQ
Added: 2/6/2012 Views: 3866 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 NY (LGS) Ser # B000000945A PCGS 64
This is a very nice and very rare original 1934 $5,000 Federal Reserve Note in a PCGS-64 Holder. It is from the fabled New York District. This notes m...
Added: 1/31/2013 Views: 3836 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 Chicago Federal Reserve Note Ser. G00001188A PCGS-50
This is a super nice 1934 $5,000 FRN from the Chicago district. This is of the light green variety. This is one of the nicer Chicago $5,000 notes I h...
Added: 8/26/2011 Views: 3863 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 Chicago FRN Ser. G000000905A PMG-45 EPQ
This 1934 $5,000 FRN note has the WOW factor. The WOW meaning it is one of the few $5,000 notes of all grades to have earned a PPQ designation. That m...
Added: 6/22/2012 Views: 3861 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 Chicago Ser. G00001141A PCGS-62PPQ
This 1934 $5,000 bill is one of the best purchases of any Ultra High-Denomination that I have had for many years. This is a 1934 $5,000 from the Chica...
Added: 2/5/2012 Views: 4107 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 Dallas FRN Ser. K00000042A PMG-53
Added: 10/4/2012 Views: 3854 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 Dallas Ser. K00000232A CGA-62
This is one of the nicer 1934 $5,000 bills you will ever see. It is from the very tough and popular Dallas District. Dallas only has 25 examples known...
Added: 9/2/2010 Views: 3855 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 FRN Chicago Ser. G00000693A VF
This is a real and rare US 1934 $5,000 bill from the ever popular Chicago district. It features a Light Green Seal (LGS) variety. The three digit low ...
Added: 4/14/2011 Views: 3856 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 Kansas City FRN Ser. J00000104A PMG 55 NET
This 1934 Kansas City $5,000 Note sold before I could put it on the website. I wanted to at least show what it looked like.The serial number is J00000...
Added: 2/20/2016 Views: 4127 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 Light Green Seal Dallas FRN Ser. K00000135A PMG VF-30
This is a very nice and rare problem free 1934 Dallas $5,000 bill in a PMG VF-30 holder. It is also the rarer Light Green Seal variety. This is the fi...
Added: 5/9/2015 Views: 4150 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 New York FRN Ser. B00000051A PCGS VF-20
This is a new item to the Jhon E Cash Ultra High Denomination census. I just acquired this Very Fine 1934 $5,000 in December of 2012. Lately there hav...
Added: 10/31/2012 Views: 3860 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 New York FRN Ser. B00000949A PCGS 64 PPQ
This is one of the nicest 1934 $5,000 bills from New York District that I have ever owned. It is of the light green seal variety LGS). It is totally o...
Added: 9/15/2011 Views: 3842 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 Philadelphia FRN Ser. C00000029A PCGS-40
7/3/2012---- THIS NOTE IS IN A PCGS-40 HOLDER net. This is a brand new 1934 Philadelphia $5,000 FRN that just came out of a clients safety deposit box...
Added: 6/22/2012 Views: 3915 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 St. Louis (Dual signed by Arnold Palmer) H00000401A PMG F-15 - Arnold Palmer Signed!
The newly discovered dual autographed and dated “Arnold Palmer” $5,000 Bill

I have acquired and placed with many collectors over 168...

Added: 1/23/2014 Views: 3899 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221C 1934 $5,000 Philadelphia (3 Known) Ser. # C00000100A PCGS VF-35
This is one of the rarest of all of the 1934 $5,000 notes known. This rare authentic $5,000 bill is from the very scarce Philadelphia (C) District and...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 3887 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221G 1934 $5,000 Chicago FRN Ser. G00000112A PMG-58
Jhon E Cash Rare Currency, Ltd. of Dallas, TX is the premier reseller of$5,000 and $10,000 notes. Over the last 17 years we have attended and continue...
Added: 3/13/2016 Views: 3988 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221K 1934 Dallas $5,000 FRN Ser # K00000039A , PCGS EF-45
As the largest buyer and reseller in the United States of US $5,000 and $10,000 Federal Reserve Notes, Jhon E Cash Rare Currency LTD is proud to offer...
Added: 3/29/2011 Views: 4139 Price: SOLD

17 Notes Found

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