Large Size Silver Certificates $5 Fr-259 to Fr-282

Large Size-Silver Certificates

Acts of Congress dated Feb. 28, 1878, and Aug. 4, 1886 authorized the Large-Size Silver Certificates. There were five issues from Series 1878 to Series 1923.

  • The first issue, Series 1878 and 1880, consisted of $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 and $1,000 denominations. The face side states that "There have been deposited with the Treasurer of the United States at Washington, D.C. payable at his office to the bearer on demand ... Silver Dollars." "Certificate of Deposit" is inscribed on the notes. All certificates of the 1878 series and one of the notes in the 1880 series are countersigned by assistant treasurers of the United States at New York and bear the signatures of G.W. Scofield and James Gilfillan.
  • The second issue of Silver Certificates consists of Series 1886, 1891 and 1908. The 1886 series was printed in denominations of $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20. The 1891 series includes these, but added denominations of $50, $100 and $1,000. Only the $10 note was issued in Series 1908. On the face of Series 1886, 1891 and 1908 notes appears the wording "This certifies that there have been deposited in the Treasury of the United States ... Silver Dollars payable to the Bearer on Demand."
  • The third issue of Silver Certificates, Series 1896, is one of the most popular and deemed by collectors as the most beautiful series ever produced by the United States. Titled the "Educational Series," the notes were designed or redesigned by Thomas F. Morris, designer and chief of the Engraving Division of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Other designers of this famed series were Will H. Low, $1, Edwin H. Blashfield, $2, and Walter Shirlaw $5. Known engravers of the series were Charles Schlecht and George F.C. Smillie.
  • The fourth issue, Series 1899, was released in three denominations, $1 (The Black Eagle), $2 (The Agriculture Note) and $5 (The Chief Note). The face design of the $1 features the American Eagle with portraits of Lincoln and Grant. The $2 note portrays Washington between figures representing Mechanics and Agriculture, and the $5 note features Ta-to-ka-in-yan-ka, Running Antelope, a Sioux Indian. George F.C. Smillie engraved the design in November of 1899.
  • The fifth issue of Silver Certificates, Series 1923, consists of two denominations, $1 and $5. Washington is portrayed on the $1 and Lincoln on the $5. On the latter note, Lincoln is shown in the center of a circular design and therefore this note is sometimes called the "Porthole" note.

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45 Notes Found

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Fr.-260 1886 $5SC (Silver Dollar Back) Ser. B46154171 PMG-58EPQ
This is a Fr-260, 1886 $5 Silver Certificate also known as the famous Silver Dollar Back, with the small red seal. This is a high grade Silver Dollar ...
Added: 1/13/2011 Views: 5290 Price: SOLD

Fr.-266 1891 $5 Silver Certificate Ser. # E115 PCGS-30
This 1891 $5 Silver Certificate with serial number E115 is somewhat of a famous note. It is a Fr-266 1891 $5 Silver Certificate with an uncommon low s...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3900 Price: SOLD

Fr.-268 1896 $5 Educational Ser. # 1215303 PMG-55EPQ
The Lady bears all! Did you know that the $5 1896 Silver Certificate is the only US note that shows a ladies naked breast? This beautiful 1896 $5 Educ...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 3887 Price: SOLD

Fr.-268 1896 $5 Educational Note Ser. # 6906861 PCGS-58
This 1896 $5 Educational was originally purchased at an auction house an a Choice UNC. Apparently the grading service did not agree. I still cannot fi...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 3933 Price: SOLD

Fr.-268 1896 $5 Educational Note Silver Certificate Ser. 27828 PMG 35
This is a VERY nice undergraded Fr.-268 1896 $5 Silver Certificate Educational Note, serial number 27828 in a PMG-35 holder. The 1896 Educational 3 no...
Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 4195 Price: SOLD

Fr.-268 1896 $5 Silver Cert. Educational Note Ser. 8451764 PCGS EF-40
This is an absolute stunning 1896 $5 Educational Note It is the third and last of the Educational series. Allegorical group showing electricity as the...
Added: 6/15/2011 Views: 3923 Price: SOLD

Fr.-268 1896 $5 Silver Certificate Educational Note Ser. 154052 PCGS EF-45 PPQ
This 1899 $5 Educational Note is the most popular and beautiful note ever printed and issued by the US government. It is a must for every collector. <...
Added: 3/11/2014 Views: 4064 Price: SOLD

Fr.-268 1896 $5 Silver Certificate Ser. 16560920 PCGS VF-35
This is a very nice 1896 $5 Education note which was part of a complete set of Educational's I just purchased at the Rocky Mountain Denver show held M...
Added: 5/12/2014 Views: 3883 Price: SOLD

Fr.-268 1896 $5 Silver Certificate Ser. 52388 PMG VF-25
This is the ever popular 1896 $5 Silver Certificate which is part of the three note Educational Series.

The Educational notes are considered th...

Added: 4/2/2013 Views: 3900 Price: SOLD

Fr.-268 1896 $5 Silver Certificate Ser. Educational Note # 276658 PMG-30
This 1899 $5 Educational Note is considered the most popular and beautiful note ever printed and issued by the US government. The educational series i...
Added: 2/20/2016 Views: 4111 Price: SOLD

Fr.-269 1896 $5 Educational Silver Certificate Ser. 25312489 PCGS-30
For more information on this 1896 $5 Educational note please contact Jhon E Cash at 214-769-9936 or or

Kimberly at 214-36...

Added: 3/18/2018 Views: 3991 Price: SOLD

Fr.-269 1896 $5 Educational Silver Certificate Ser. 27146741 PMG VF-35 EPQ
This is a very nice and truly undergraded 1896 $5 Educational Note. The serial no is 27146741 and it has been graded as a PMG VF-35 EPQ. It is origina...
Added: 11/23/2011 Views: 3900 Price: SOLD

Fr.-269 1896 $5 Silver Certificate Educational Note # 22500029 PMG-30EPQ
It is not often that one can purchase a nice mid grade 1896 $5 Educational Note in a PMG-30EPQ holder. This $5 Education Note is a Fr.-269 with the Br...
Added: 2/20/2016 Views: 3972 Price: SOLD

Fr.-269 1899 $5 Educational Note Ser. 25359411 VF
This is a new purchase that I just received. This is a Fr-269 1896 $5 Silver Certificate Educational Note. This Fr-269 is the rarer Friedberg number w...
Added: 3/12/2012 Views: 3927 Price: SOLD

Fr.-271 1899 $5 Set of 4 Consecutive Chief Notes Ser. A66304735-38 PCGS AU58
Here is a rare item that ever collector has thought about or wanted for their unique collection. How about a cut sheet of four consecutive serial numb...
Added: 1/10/2012 Views: 3889 Price: SOLD

Fr.-271 1899 $5 Silver Cert.(Inverted Chief Face error-rare) F/VF
This is a very rare 1899 $5 Chief Inverted Face error note. There are around 5 known at last count for this FR #. I need to take this to PMG for gradi...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3970 Price: SOLD

Fr.-271 1899 $5 Silver Certi. (Inverted Face error) PCGS-15
Upside down Chief. Here is another 1899 $5 Chief with a inverted face or back, however you want to call it. Actually since the back is printed first t...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4002 Price: SOLD

Fr.-271 1899 $5 Silver Certificate Ser. # 20372121 PMG GEM-65EPQ & GE
Calling on all Chiefs! Here is one of the nicest 1899 $5 Chief notes I have ever owned. I have owned higher grades, but none nicer than this one. Even...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3903 Price: SOLD

Fr.-272 1899 $5 Chief Ser. B2854277 PCGS 40 EPQ
This is an outstanding Fr-272 1899 $5 Silver Certificate. It is commonly referred to as a Chief note. If you look closely at this one you will be hard...
Added: 3/12/2012 Views: 3897 Price: SOLD

45 Notes Found

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