Large Size Fed Reserve Bank Notes $2 Fr-747 to Fr-780

Large Size-Federal Reserve Bank Notes

The large-size Federal Reserve Bank Notes (FRBNs) , also known as National Currency, was issued in two series and in denominations of $1 to $50. They are often confused with National Bank notes because they have the inscription "National Currency" across the top. They feature blue seals and blue serial numbers.

  • The first issue, Series issue 1915 was authorized by Federal Reserve Act of December 23rd, 1913 and consisted of only of $5, $10 and $20 notes. They were issued by the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas and San Francisco. They are titled as National Currency and are similar to National Bank Notes. The obligation to pay the bearer falls to the specific Federal Reserve Bank, not the United States Treasury Department. The San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank issued only $5 notes. The obligation to pay the bearer is similar to that on the first charter national bank notes, differing only slightly in wording but not in meaning.
  • The second issue, Series 1918, consisted of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 and $50 notes issued to all 12 Federal Reserve Banks (though all banks did not necessarily issue all denominations). St Louis was the only district that issued the $50 denomination and is considered a rarity in high grade. The $20 denomination was issued by Atlanta and St Louis only and is also considered a rarity. Although Federal Reserve Bank notes are a rather recent issue, all are quite scarce in high grade.

Treasury Department records show that only slightly more than $2 million is outstanding from a total issue of nearly $762 million.


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19 Notes Found

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Fr.-747 1918 $2 Boston FRBN PCGS-63PPQ Serial # A1455977A
This is the famous 1918 $2 "Battleship" from the tough Boston District. These notes are one of the most collected by all collectors. Boston is also th...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3872 Price: SOLD

Fr.-747 1918 $2 Boston FRBN Ser. A3852927 PCGS VF-35 PPQ
This is a very nice 1918 $2 Boston Battleship in a PCGS-35EPQ holder. the reason I purchase this not is because it is difficult to find a nice clean m...
Added: 4/30/2014 Views: 3869 Price: SOLD

Fr.-750 1914 $2 Dallas, TX FRN Ser. K47381A Raw
Jhon Describe....
Added: 2/8/2012 Views: 3866 Price: SOLD

Fr.-750 1918 $2 New York FRBN (Battleship Note). B1000567A PMG-25 EPQ
This is a very fine example of the famous 1918 $2 Federal Reserve Bank Note commonly referred to as the Battleship because of its back design. This EP...
Added: 11/7/2014 Views: 3902 Price: SOLD

Fr.-751 1918 $2 FRBN New York Ser. B9341247A PMG 64
Here is a very nice 1918 $2 Federal Reserve Bank Note in a PMG-Choice Uncirculated 64 holder. The serial number is B9341247A. This note is commonly re...
Added: 4/2/2013 Views: 3863 Price: SOLD

Fr.-752 1918 $2 New York (PCGS POP 1) FRBN Ser. # B9341248A PCGS-66PPQ
PCGS POP 1/ NONE FINER. This 1918 $2 Battleship is the finest New York Battleship that PCGS has had the pleasure to handle. First glance at the note r...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3874 Price: SOLD

Fr.-754 1918 $2 Philadelphia FRBN Ser. C2137132A PCGS XF-40PPQ
This is 1918 $2 bill from the Philadelphia district. It is also commonly referred to as the Battleship Note because of the WW1 battleship that is feat...
Added: 2/5/2014 Views: 3882 Price: SOLD

Fr.-756* 1918 $2 Philly (missing) FRBN Star Ser. # C56496* PCGS F-12
This is a very rare 1918 $2 Battleship star note from the Philadelphia district. According to the Dough Murray large size star book there are only 9 k...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4035 Price: SOLD

Fr.-757 1918 $2 Cleveland FRBN Ser. D431A PCGS 65PPQ
This is a beautifyl well centered 1918 $2 Battleahip housed in a GEM PCGS 65PPQ holder. A three-digit serial number, D431A, is seen on this perfectly ...
Added: 1/12/2011 Views: 3925 Price: SOLD

Fr.-760 1918 $2 Richmond, VA FRBN Ser. E50A PCGS 64PPQ
Richmond is one of the 3 key districts notes of the 1918 $2 Battleship series. This Richmond Battleship Duece is replete with bold original embossing ...
Added: 1/10/2011 Views: 3899 Price: SOLD

Fr.-766 1918 $2 Chicago, IL FRBN Ser. G2699843A PCGS 65PPQ
This is a scarcer Battleship number, particularly in the highest grade ranges. PCGS has only graded twelve pieces with this the only uncirculated exam...
Added: 1/10/2011 Views: 3891 Price: SOLD

Fr.-767 1918 $2 Chicago FRBN Ser. # G8763266A PCGS-64PPQ
Who need a Battleship? Ive got one good one waiting just for you. This is a 1918 $2 Battleship is from the Chicago district. The reverse shows the fam...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3881 Price: SOLD

Fr.-771 1918 $2 St. Louis FRBN Ser. H3142387A VF
I bought this 1918 $2 St Louis Battleship note at a local coin show and have not had a chance to get it graded by PMG. It is a solid VF-30/35 with no ...
Added: 1/15/2011 Views: 3919 Price: SOLD

Fr.-772 1918 $2 Minneapolis. Battleship FRBN Ser. I348101A VF
This is a very nice inexpensive and collectible 1918 $2 Battleship FRBN from the tough Minneapolis district. I would normally would sell this ungraded...
Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 3902 Price: SOLD

Fr.-772 1918 $2 Minneapolis FRBN Ser. I1163532A PCGS 63PPQ
On this 1918 $2 Minneapolis Battleship, the margins are nearly GEM quality in size. The embossing is easily seen in the holder. This is one great exam...
Added: 1/10/2011 Views: 3883 Price: SOLD

Fr.-772 1918 $2 Minneapolis FRBN Ser. I1163545A PCGS 64PPQ
This is a lovely 1918 $2 Minneapolis Battleship with good original paper quality and deep embossing that can be seen through the holder. It easily mer...
Added: 1/10/2011 Views: 3895 Price: SOLD

Fr.-774 1918 $2 Kansas City FRBN Ser. J321969A PMG 64
This is a nice 1918 Battleship $2 bill from the popular Kansas City District. IT has ample margins on all four sided both front and back. It actually ...
Added: 1/10/2011 Views: 3899 Price: SOLD

Fr.-774 1918 $2 Kansas City FRBN Ser. J99471A PMG 64
This 1918 $2 Kansas City Battleship is a somewhat scarcer Friedberg number, with this example being the first uncirculated example being available for...
Added: 1/10/2011 Views: 3874 Price: SOLD

Fr.-776 1918 $2 Dallas, TX FRBN Ser. K60A PMG 64
Dallas $2 Battleships in uncirculated condition are very, very scarce to find anywhere. Besided Richmond and Minneapolis, Dallas is the toughest to fi...
Added: 1/10/2011 Views: 3891 Price: SOLD

19 Notes Found

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