Large Size Silver Certificates $2 Fr-240 to Fr-258

Large Size-Silver Certificates

Acts of Congress dated Feb. 28, 1878, and Aug. 4, 1886 authorized the Large-Size Silver Certificates. There were five issues from Series 1878 to Series 1923.

  • The first issue, Series 1878 and 1880, consisted of $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 and $1,000 denominations. The face side states that "There have been deposited with the Treasurer of the United States at Washington, D.C. payable at his office to the bearer on demand ... Silver Dollars." "Certificate of Deposit" is inscribed on the notes. All certificates of the 1878 series and one of the notes in the 1880 series are countersigned by assistant treasurers of the United States at New York and bear the signatures of G.W. Scofield and James Gilfillan.
  • The second issue of Silver Certificates consists of Series 1886, 1891 and 1908. The 1886 series was printed in denominations of $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20. The 1891 series includes these, but added denominations of $50, $100 and $1,000. Only the $10 note was issued in Series 1908. On the face of Series 1886, 1891 and 1908 notes appears the wording "This certifies that there have been deposited in the Treasury of the United States ... Silver Dollars payable to the Bearer on Demand."
  • The third issue of Silver Certificates, Series 1896, is one of the most popular and deemed by collectors as the most beautiful series ever produced by the United States. Titled the "Educational Series," the notes were designed or redesigned by Thomas F. Morris, designer and chief of the Engraving Division of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Other designers of this famed series were Will H. Low, $1, Edwin H. Blashfield, $2, and Walter Shirlaw $5. Known engravers of the series were Charles Schlecht and George F.C. Smillie.
  • The fourth issue, Series 1899, was released in three denominations, $1 (The Black Eagle), $2 (The Agriculture Note) and $5 (The Chief Note). The face design of the $1 features the American Eagle with portraits of Lincoln and Grant. The $2 note portrays Washington between figures representing Mechanics and Agriculture, and the $5 note features Ta-to-ka-in-yan-ka, Running Antelope, a Sioux Indian. George F.C. Smillie engraved the design in November of 1899.
  • The fifth issue of Silver Certificates, Series 1923, consists of two denominations, $1 and $5. Washington is portrayed on the $1 and Lincoln on the $5. On the latter note, Lincoln is shown in the center of a circular design and therefore this note is sometimes called the "Porthole" note.

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21 Notes Found

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Fr.-242 1886 $2 Silver Certificate Ser. B13055251 PMG AU58 EPQ
Jhon Describe....
Added: 3/29/2011 Views: 3875 Price: SOLD

Fr.-242 1886 $2 Silver Certificate Ser. B7729204 PCGS 66 PPQ
Here is a stunning Superb GEM 1886 $2 Silver Certificate. This note is commonly referred to as a Hancock Note. It features the bust of Union General W...
Added: 3/11/2014 Views: 3988 Price: SOLD

Fr.-243 1886 $2 Silver Certificate Ser. B16092163 PMG EF-40 EPQ
Here is a nice original problem free 1886 $2 Silver Certificate that you never find in this grade with a PPQ/EPQ designator.

This note is also ...

Added: 4/8/2014 Views: 3905 Price: SOLD

Fr.-244 1886 $2 Silver Certificate Ser. B19985383 PMG VF-25
This is a very decent and collectable 1886 $2 Silver Certificate commonly referred to as a Hancock Note. The head of the famous Civil War Union Genera...
Added: 6/14/2011 Views: 3895 Price: SOLD

Fr.-247 1896 $2 Educational Note Silver Certificate Ser. 433019 PMG VF-35
Here is one of the three famous 1896 Edicational notes. The apperance of this note is fully EF, especially from the face. Full margins and deep blue s...
Added: 1/13/2011 Views: 3891 Price: SOLD

Fr.-247 1896 $2 Silver Certificate Ser. 1348751 PCGS AU-55PPQ
While I was at the Rocky Mountain Coin Show in Denver on May 11th, 2014 I had the opportunity to acquire a complete set of $1, $2, and the $5 1896 Edu...
Added: 5/12/2014 Views: 3892 Price: SOLD

Fr.-247 1896 $2 Silver Certificate Ser. 4481779 PMG-40
For more information on this 1896 $2 Educational note please contact Jhon E Cash at 214-769-9936 or or

Kimberly at 214-36...

Added: 3/18/2018 Views: 3903 Price: SOLD

Fr.-247 1896 $2 Silver Certificate Ser. # 4680957 PCGS EF-40PPQ
Get Educated for $2! Check out this super nice 1896 $2 Educational note. It features extra broad margins and great color. The paper is screaming origi...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3865 Price: SOLD

Fr.-248 1896 $2 Silver Cert. Educational Note Ser. 18059808 PMG VF-35
This is a real nice mid grade 1896 $2 Silver Certificate or commonly referred to as a Educational Note. it features Science presenting steam and elect...
Added: 6/15/2011 Views: 3877 Price: SOLD

Fr.-248 1896 $2 Silver Certificate Educational Note Ser. 14767067 PMG VF-30 EPQ
This is an 1896 $2 Silver Certificate commonly referred to as the $2 Educational Note. It features a vignette of science presenting steam and electric...
Added: 6/14/2011 Views: 3885 Price: SOLD

Fr.-249 1899 $2 Silver Certificate Ser. # 10490585 PMG-65EPQ
Another top notch note is listed here as a $2 1899 Silver Certificate. it is graded as a GEM PMG-65EPQ. The serial number is 10490585. It features bri...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3909 Price: SOLD

Fr.-251 1899 $2 Silver Cert. (Inverted Face) Ser. # D52486899 Fine
This is a rare 1899 $2 Silver Certificate with a Inverted face. The reason they call it an inverted face is because the back is actually printed first...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3991 Price: SOLD

Fr.-251 1899 $2 Silver Cert. (Inverted face) Ser. # N23332972 PCGS-15
This is a rare 1899 $2 Silver Certificate with a Inverted face printing. The reason they call it an inverted face is because the back is actually prin...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4758 Price: SOLD

Fr.-254 1899 $2 Silver Cert. (Napier/Thompson) # H19 PCGS-67PPQ
PCGS POP 1/Tied! This is one of the most incredible notes I have ever seen or owned. Not only has it been graded a PCGS-67PPQ, it also has the distinc...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4876 Price: SOLD

Fr.-256 1899 $2 Silver cert. PMG-66EPQ Serial # N2246152
This is one real nice Teehee/Burke1899 $2 Silver Certificate. It is also known as the "Mechanics or Agriculture" note because of the two figurines lea...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3876 Price: SOLD

Fr.-256* 1899 $2 Silver Certificate Star ( Type II )Ser. # *1514162B PMG VG-8
Here is a 1899 $2 Silver certificate Type II star. it is in a PMG VG-8 holder. The serial number is *1514162B. If your looking for a nice price on a c...
Added: 5/18/2010 Views: 3974 Price: SOLD

Fr.-256* 1899 $2 Silver Certificate Star (type II)Ser. # *1392358B PMG VG-10
Here is a very nice VG rare star. it is a FR-256*, or the 1899 $2 Silver Certificate. The serial number is *1392358B and is ina PMG-10 holder....
Added: 5/18/2010 Views: 3973 Price: SOLD

Fr.-256* 1899 $2 Silver Certificate Star Ser. # *1432461B PMG F-15
Here is a nice FR-256 star or a 1899 $2 Silver Certificate star. There are no rips, tears or pinholes. The serial number is *1432461B and is in a PMG ...
Added: 5/18/2010 Views: 3978 Price: SOLD

Fr.-258 1899 $2 Silver Cert. PMG-65EPQ Serial # N89470821
This is a beautiful 1899 $2 Silver Certificate is commonly referred to as the "Agriculture Note". The front features a picture of George Washington be...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3867 Price: SOLD

21 Notes Found

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