Large Size Gold Certificates cat_name $50 Fr-1188 to Fr-1200a

Large Size-Gold Certificates

Large Size Gold Certificates were authorized by the Acts of March 3, 1863, July 12, 1882, March 14, 1900, and Dec. 24, 1919.

Gold Certificates are one of the most vivid and colorful of all our US notes. They feature a beautiful burnt-orange color that unfortunately fades quite easily. Their colors reflect the gold coins they represent. Of the nine issues, only the fourth, seventh, eighth and the ninth issues were circulated to any extent.

  • The first three issues were printed between 1865 and 1875, some of them were printed uniface for foreign banks to identify our currency. Most of this currency was used between bank to bank transactions only.
  • The fourth issues were the 1882 series and were issued in denominations of $20 to $10,000. Only the $10, $20, $50 and $100 are still available for collectors.
  • The fifth and sixth issue was the series of 1888 and 1900 and consisted of $5,000 and $10,000 notes only. Forget finding one.
  • The seventh issue consisted of the 1905, 1906 and 1907 series. They were issued in denominations of $10 and $20 only. These are the ones you are most likely to see today. The 1905 $20 gold certificate is known as the "Technicolor Note", and is very popular and expensive in higher grades.
  • The eighth issue was the 1907 $1,000 only. It is extremely rare or unknown.
  • The ninth issue is of the 1913 and 1922 series. The 1913 issue was issued in the $50 denomination only. The 1922 issue was in denominations of $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000. The 1922 issue is the more common large-size gold certificate we see in todays marketplace. The $5,000 and $10,000 denomination is unknown.


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Fr.-1193 1882 $50 Gold Certificate Ser. C847040 PCGS VF-30 PPQ
Unfortunately this outstanding 1882 $50 gold certificate sold before I could get it on the website. But the coloring was so vivid and original I had t...
Added: 5/9/2015 Views: 4640 Price: SOLD

Fr.-1197 1882 $50 Gold Certificate Ser. H1264198 PMG EF-40 EPQ
This is one of my favorite all time Gold Certificate. It is an 1882 $50 Large Size Gold Certificate. The front features a bust of Silas Wright, 1795-1...
Added: 3/13/2011 Views: 4941 Price: SOLD

Fr.-1198 1913 $50 Gold Certificate Ser. A242558 PMG VF-25
This is a very nice problem free 1913 $50 Gold Certificate in a PMG-Very Fine 25 holder. The serial number is A242558. Every time I find a decent one ...
Added: 4/8/2014 Views: 3907 Price: SOLD

Fr.-1199 1913 $50 Gold Certificate Ser. A927051 PCGS AU-53 PPQ
This is the nicest 1913 $50 Gold Certificate that I have ever had on this website. I've been looking for over two years for a original 1913 $50 Gold C...
Added: 3/11/2014 Views: 4757 Price: SOLD

Fr.-1200 1922 $50 Gold Certificate Ser. B2986507 PCGS 45PPQ
This is one of the nicer Fr.-1200 1922 $50 Gold Certificates I have owned in some time. The pohoto of Uyless S Grant graces the frontThis is one of th...
Added: 4/14/2013 Views: 3884 Price: SOLD

Fr.-1200 1922 $50 Gold Certificate Ser. B5266713 PCGS 35 PPQ
This is a very nice 1922 $50 Gold Certificate in a PCGS-35PPQ holder. The front show the bust of Ulysses S. Grant the 18th president of the United Sta...
Added: 4/2/2013 Views: 3880 Price: SOLD

Fr.-1200 1922 $50 Gold Certificate Ser. # B1998554 VF++
Here is a nice and original Fr.-1200 or a 1922 $50 Gold Certificate. It has the serial number of B1998554. The great thing about this 1922 $50 gold ce...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 3880 Price: SOLD

7 Notes Found

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