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The Bureau of Engraving and Printing's (BEP) takes you to the official government site of the BEP for some interesting information and facts on all of our US currency.

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The American Numismatics Association (ANA) is a professional organization for those who want to further learn about US coins and currency.

PMG and PCGS are the only two TRUE independent currency-grading services available. I highly recommend these two companies for those of you who want to get their currency certified and graded for insurance purposes or simply, a peace of mind.

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746 Notes Found

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Fr.-2405 1928 $100 Gold Certificate Ser. A01016573A PCGS VF-30 PPQ
I just pick up this nice 1928 $100 Gold Certificate. I really wanted this note because it is totally original, which is rare for any 1928 Gold certifi...
Added: 1/10/2012 Views: 651 Price: SOLD

Fr.-61a 1862 $5 Legal Tender Ser. # 30 PCGS 65 PPQ
I have owned many Fr-61a notes and none were nicer than this one. Most all of these notes have bad margin cuts on the front which leaves little or no ...
Added: 1/10/2012 Views: 867 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2404 1928 $50 Gold Certificate Ser. A01935085A PCGS VF-35 PPQ
You won’t find a better deal on a 1928 $50 Gold certificate in this grade anywhere on the internet, period. I just picked up two of them and I will of...
Added: 1/10/2012 Views: 630 Price: SOLD

Fr.-272 1899 $5 Chief Silver Certificate Ser. B7744916 PMG EF-40 EPQ
This is a great deal on a 1899 $5 Chief note. This is a real nice $5 Chief with no rips, tears, hard folds, marks or any other problems. It has never...
Added: 1/10/2012 Views: 687 Price: SOLD

Fr.-271 1899 $5 Set of 4 Consecutive Chief Notes Ser. A66304735-38 PCGS AU58
Here is a rare item that ever collector has thought about or wanted for their unique collection. How about a cut sheet of four consecutive serial numb...
Added: 1/10/2012 Views: 809 Price: SOLD

Fr.-215 1886 $1 (Martha) Silver Certificate Ser. B6463920 PCGS-64 PPQ
Hello Martha! This Fr.-215, 1886 $1 Martha Silver Certificate is being offered at 10% below market as I just got it from another collector on a trade...
Added: 1/10/2012 Views: 4875 Price: SOLD

Fr.-224 1896 $1 Educational Silver Certificate Ser. 8226657 PCGS 66 PPQ
They do not come any nicer than this one. Here is the famous 1896 $1 Educational note in Superb GEM condition. Look close and you will see perfect mar...
Added: 1/10/2012 Views: 712 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2404 1928 $50 Gold Certificate Ser. A01071028A PCGS EF-40
You won’t find a better deal on a 1928 $50 Gold certificate in this grade anywhere on the internet, period. I just picked up two of them and I will of...
Added: 1/10/2012 Views: 626 Price: SOLD

Fr.-64 1869 $5 L. T. Rainbow Note, Ser. K3547214 PCGS 63 PPQ
This a very nice 1869 $5 Legal Tender, commonly referred to as the Rainbow Note because of its vivid color across the front. You can see the color spe...
Added: 1/10/2012 Views: 588 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2231 1934 $10,000 New York (Binion Note) Ser. B00003072A PCGS-63
This note hails from the Famous Benny Binion Hoard that was displayed from 1954 to 1999 at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. There were 100 New York $10...
Added: 1/25/2012 Views: 906 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 Chicago FRN Ser. G00001140A PMG AU-53 Good Embossing
Here we have one of America's largest denomination currency notes ever produced for public use. This is an original 1934 $5,000 bill from the Chicago ...
Added: 1/27/2012 Views: 891 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 1934 $5,000 Chicago Ser. G00001141A PCGS-62PPQ
This 1934 $5,000 bill is one of the best purchases of any Ultra High-Denomination that I have had for many years. This is a 1934 $5,000 from the Chica...
Added: 2/5/2012 Views: 6449 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2221 (2) 1934 $5,000 Consecutive ser # Pair Ser. G00001140-1141 PMG AU53 - PCGS 62PPQ
Added: 2/6/2012 Views: 949 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2212 1934-A $1,000 Chicago FRN Ser. G00269162A PMG 45 EPQ
Alright Forest, This note is for you. Since you are going to buy it I will describe it anyway. This is a very nice 1934A $1,000 Federal Reserve Note f...
Added: 2/8/2012 Views: 871 Price: SOLD

Fr.-277 1899 $5 Silver Certificate Chief Ser. M8506231 VF
This is a 1899 $5 Chief Note that I just purchased two days ago. iIt is a Fr-277. I normaly get all of my notes graded but like I said i just got it a...
Added: 2/8/2012 Views: 603 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2202 1934-A $500 New York FRN Ser. B00284281A Raw
Here is a very nice problem free 1934A $500 FRN from NY. No rips, tears or pinholes....
Added: 2/8/2012 Views: 950 Price: SOLD

Fr.-750 1914 $2 Dallas, TX FRN Ser. K47381A Raw
Jhon Describe....
Added: 2/8/2012 Views: 582 Price: SOLD

Fr.-1007 1914 $20 Dallas FRN Ser. K6322813A PCGS 65PPQ
A special 1914 $20 Dallas FRN. Ser # K6322813A. Graded as a serious GEM PCGS-65PPQ. This is one of the finest 1914 Dallas notes available for this FR ...
Added: 2/8/2012 Views: 840 Price: SOLD

Fr.-BC-46a 1973 $1 Canada Up-Down Ladder Pair Ser. MU1234567-MM7654321 PMG 65 EPQ
This is a very interesting and unique presentation set of 1973 $1 Canadian dollars. What are the odds of having an up ladder, serial number MU1234567...
Added: 2/8/2012 Views: 7861 Price: SOLD

746 Notes Found

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